Office Cleaning  
     One of the services we offer is office cleaning. however, we do it at night just so we can get our job done and you can get yours done. Depending on the size of your building, and the amount of detail you'd like done, the price range varies. the work we do consits of
            -wiping entry ways and exit doors/windows and mirrors inside
             -Clean hard surface floors and vaccuum carpets and rugs
            -clean and sanitize all bathrooms and ensure all supplies are stocked and filled incuding breakrooms
             -collect trash and recycling and change bags daily 
              -clean and sanitize doors, elevators and any handrailings
                 -sanitize and wipe down desks, chairs, and file cabinets

                         free estimates!!
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     residential services
Realtor make ready cleans
​one time/special occasions
     it doesn't matter if it's a house, apartment, studio or townhome, our cleaners will make sure your home is clean and ready whether you're moving out or moving in. both are exhausting and stressfull enough, so let us handle the cleaning because you've got a handfull already! We will be sure to cover every inch of the home, and every nook and cranny! we understand the importance of being able to feel comfortable in a new home. so give us a call because there's 'clean' and there's 'Rosales clean.' let us show you the difference!
Power Washing
    With each new client we sign we will do a free power wash covering the building and sidewalks on the property. Why spend time and money finding someone else that will charge you double when you can have it done by us that day or any other day you choose. any power washes after your first will be billed in your monthly charges. We also offer discounts for refering us to any other clents.

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